200 Vranjes17 handballs to the Flensburg Akademie

It was a colorful cargo, delivered by Intersport Hans Jürgensen to the Duburghalle in Flensburg last Wednesday. 200 ERIMA handballs of the brand "Vranjes17" in bright colors were received by young players of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt. The equipment will be used in the trainings of the Flensburg Academy, the games of the SG junior, as well as in the various activities of the "Get in touch" sponsoring association in schools, kindergartens and training events.  

The colorful greeting comes from Ljubomir Vranjes, who is now coaching Hungarian top club Telekom Veszprém. The former coach of the SG wants to express his close connection to the region and keep in touch. "Eleven years in Flensburg are not easy to leave. My family and I have many friends there, my children knew nothing else so far. I want to give something back and help a bit, to promote the youth handball," said the 43-year-old. In addition, Ljubomir Vranjes finds that "the Flensburg Akademie has earned it. Very good work is being done there, especially in the past two years, the SG professional team and the junior department are cooperating more closely than before."  

Lewe T. Volquardsen, Managing Director of the Flensburg Academy and chairman of "Get in touch", is delighted about the commitment of Ljubomir Vranjes: "It shows that Ljubo and the region Flensburg are still deeply connected. This donation of high quality handballs is a great thing. We can equip the boys in the handball boarding school and the young talents of the SG with their own balls and complete the academy equipment, and support the various measures with which we want to children to develop their handball skills."

Ljubomir Vranjes has been involved in the development of handballs for many years and has won the SG equipment supplier ERIMA as a partner. The Swede had observed that children, even with smaller sizes of conventional balls, had difficulty controlling them, especially when, as in most halls, no adhesive is allowed. His ball should be easy to grip with small hands, which is why the "World Handball Coach of 2014" tinkered mainly on the coating. The "Vranjes17" has a microfibre surface, which provides excellent grip and soft feel, and can therefore be played with or without resin and, of course, a cool design was not left out. The ball is suitable for playing and training, and is available in six colors and four sizes. (Article by J. Wrege for SG Flensburg Handewitt)

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