Next season in Telekom Veszprém

Today my transfer to Telekom Veszprém was officially announced.

As you can imagine, the last few months have been very emotional for me and my wife, since October we have been having many sleepless nights thinking about what is the best decision for our family! I also asked for advice from near friends and players and they helped me get a clearer pictures of  the whole situation. I had to make one of the most difficult decision in my life. I decided to take the challenge. You can not always plan your life, some things you just can´t influence, it doesn´t matter if it is on a private or a professional level. 

I know that some of you will find it difficult to understand my decision and I guess there is no right timing for a decision like this, but I was very open about it and informed the SG at a very early stage. The rumors made their way around in the media and I tried to answers the questions as honestly as I could, but it was complicated since I was not allowed to say anything.

The last few years I was offered some lucrative contract proposals from different clubs and countries and I'm very grateful for that. I have rejected most of them and remained loyal to the SG, even if I could have been transferred without any fee. Now, fairly, the SG benefits from my move, they believed in me from the start.

The SG is playing on the highest level at the moment, and almost all players will remain next year, I am convinced that the SG will continue to play on the highest level and have a chance to win titles in the future also. It's time for me and the SG to find new ways.

There are several reasons why I have asked for an early release, the most important reason has to do with my private life. I will now be able to live near my Serbian family and many friends. My parents have grown older and I am really looking forward to living closer to them in the future.

That´s all for now about the future. Now I'm going to give everything I have together with my team the last months of the season to try to honor you all with a worthy farewell. I hope somehow that you will be able to understand my decision.

Thank you!

Yours sincerly, Ljubo

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