Telekom Veszprém und Vranjes trennen sich

Ljubomir Vranjes ist nicht mehr Trainer des ungarischen Handball-Rekordmeisters Telekom Veszprém. 

Comment from Facebook:

"The marriage with Veszprém didn’t work out as we all wanted. 
After 12 months working with the team we lost 9 games ( Aalborg, Paris x2 , Kiel, Szeged x2, Skjern, Barcelona and after the loss to Vardar it was to much for the club and some games were very disappointing to me personally as well. But we also had great victories and great games during this time, I don’t want to forget that. 
The challenge was to build a new team and at the same time introduce a new philosophy, it wasn’t easy with the big goals we had but also not impossible. 
Despite everything that happened during these 12 months I always did my best, every time, that I can promise you. I want to thank everyone who worked with us, especially my assistant coach @bjosath, you are a star. 
I am sure that the players will give everything to win games for their fans and with the support they have everything can happen. 

For me personally it’s a sad day today, I wanted so much more. Unfortunately my dreams did not come true this time. 
I learned a lot and I will fight to come back stronger from this experience. 
Thank you also to all the good people with the positive attitude who supported me and the team during this time, that I appreciated a lot. 

And finally I wish all the players and their families the best but mostly that they all keep their health and also to be victorious."


Vranjes Handball 2022

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Vranjes Handball 2022
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