For me unforgettable moments

5 times Swedish Champion

The years in Redbergslids IK formed me to a professional handball player, not only in the aspect of the performance on the field, but I also learned what was expected from me off the pitch. Ola Lie und Reine Pedersen, who at that time coached our team, raised me. 

The season of 1996/97 was a really important one for me. We, as a team, had a fantastic attitude and flow in our way of playing handball. Winning the swedish championship was the crowning.

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World Champion 1999

The World Championship in Egypt 1999 was an extraordinary experience. We had, the year before, won the European Championship in Italy, and a great self-confidence reigned in the team – nothing was impossible.

The team were full of "Winner-Skulls", all of us were striving in the same direction, noone would under any circumstances give up. That was our strength. In the WC-final we met Russia, we had to fight until the last second and finally won with 25-24. It was amazing.

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My first contract as a professional handball player

When the manager, Pep Blanchard, of the spanish club BM Granollers called me to offer a contract, I felt really proud. This was what I had always dreamed of – to move abroad and play handball professionally.

We, me and Maria, left Gothenburg for Spain. I had a three year contract, but despite the wonderful time we had living just outside of Barcelona, an irresistible german club offer pulled us away from Spain. 

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Bundesliga – the strongest league in the world

Coach Kent Harry Andersson and Manager Bernd Rigterink met up with me and my friend and colleague Peter Gentzel in Sitges south of Barcelona to discuss a potential club change. They wanted us both to play for HSG Nordhorn in the german Bundesliga.

I and Peter negotiated together, and accepted a contract over 5 years. After our first season in the Bundesliga we were only one point away from winning the german championship.

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Champions League final 2007

One of the reasons I wanted to play for SG Flensburg Handewitt was that there was a real chance of winning a big title. At the end of my first season at the SG, we played the finals of the Champions League against THW Kiel. One game at home and one away. 

Both games were really tight and intense, unfortunately we lost the title. It was a big disappointment, but also an unforgettable experience. 

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Champions League Champion 2014

We went to the Champions League Final Four in Cologne in May 2014 without any pressure of winning the title. It is the largest competition for club handball, and just reaching the top four is an accomplishment in itself.

Being the underdog was a likeable position for us. In the semi-final we were down for the count against FC Barcelona, but rose and won. In the final we were once again down for the count, now against THW Kiel, but again we rose and won. It was the ultimate handball experience!

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