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"As a coach I find it extremely important to use high quality training equipment suitable for the sport of handball. It all started when I couldn´t find a really good handball for my son to train with, he kept loosing the grip of the ball and was ready to quit playing handball. I wondered why there were no high quality handballs for kids. The excellent grip is the feature of the Vranjes handball that I am most proud about. It makes a difference both in training and in a game, for small as well as large hands. Fun guarantee issued!"

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For effective training of individual techniques, the Vranjes-handball is perfect with its amazing grip and clean bounce. Easy to control in a game, it has the same high quality in all sizes and colours and also fits perfectly for the use of resin. 


  • a combination of polyurethane, applied on pu impregnated polyester/nylon
  • hand sewn (double knot stitching with double closing knot)
  • seamless natural latex bladder with 60% dry natural rubber content
  • double layers of high density canvas
  • compliant with IHF standards
  • resin cleaning machine tested 

Sizes: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 

The colors for 2023 are combined with various key words that Vranjes considers particularly important both as an athlete and as a person. For more information visit

  • Multi (Heart/Respect)
  • Red (Passion)
  • Apricot (Commitment)
  • Yellow (Energy)
  • Green (Skill)
  • Blue (Focus)
  • Aubergine (Attitude)


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