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ERIMA unites the experience of more than a 100 years and the dynamics of a strong brand: As the specialist in team sports ERIMA is one of the leading providers of equipment for sports apparel in Germany, Austria , Switzerland , France, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Located in Pfullingen, Stuttgart, ERIMA has reached success especially in the field team equipment: Whether football, handball or volleyball - the brand ERIMA in well represented in all of these sports as well as at different clubs.

"I am very excited about this new partnership with such an experienced and widespread sports equipment provider like ERIMA. I think that their extensive expertise in ball production will harmonize perfectly with my long experience of the sport handball.

In addition, we also share the same business values; to keep focus on development and quality, and work together as a team – the best conditions for a successful cooperation."

Vranjes Handball 2023

Pro quality - 4 sizes

Vranjes Handball 2023
from 34,99

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